Advertising for a school that isn’t really my school

Last year my school was only Chungdahm but then the school got combined with Wiseman, a math and science academy. I wasn’t at the school in transition and I was okay with the combination when I first began my contract. The two academies didn’t really clash with each other even though we share the same floor. I don’t really talk to the Wiseman teachers because they don’t speak much English anyways. The most I say to them is 안녕하세요 when I walk into the office to clock in.

But recently, the director has been changing a lot. Or maybe she’s just finally showing her true colors. Last week she made all 7 teachers from both academies sit for four hours slipping coupons into packages of Wiseman pencils.

We packaged for 1 hour on Thursday and 3 hours on Friday and altogether we packaged over 2,000 pencils. On one side of the coupon was advertisement for Wiseman and on the other side was Chungdahm. I figured since they were Wiseman pencils, I would slip in the coupon so that Chungdahm was facing the outside. But nope. The director saw me and told me, “Amy, reverse. Wiseman outside, Chungdahm inside.” She tried to explain that the QR code is on the Wiseman side but I think she wants people to see Wiseman first before Chungdahm.

The director doesn’t care about Chungdahm at all. According to my manager, every since the director combined the schools, she’s been changing a lot of things. Chungdahm teachers didn’t have to work Saturdays before but now they do during the major holidays. Chungdahm was relatively decent to work before the combination. The previous teacher stayed for two years and another teacher would’ve renewed if it wasn’t for the director changing everything.

Anyway, this entire week she wanted all of us to go out to the public schools and hand pencils out to students as they’re leaving to go home. This makes absolutely no sense to me because kids in South Korea are already in school from 9am to 10pm. They’re not going to go home and say, “Hey mom! I got free pencils at school today. Can you pay for me to study even more at this academy?” I told my manager this and she agrees with me. Apparently this stunt pulled in ONE new student last year and she ended up dropping out anyways.

Despite this, I’m torn between leaving the school or renewing my contract. I love my manager – she’s awesome and I bet she’d she a great director if she opened up her own school. I also love the easy classes. I barely have to prep anything because my academy isn’t full English immersion like other Chungdahm academies. BUT there’s also the director and having a terrible co-teacher. I know I can find a better academy but do I want to risk an easy schedule? I need to decide soon because my contract ends in August. What to do, what to do…

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